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In Thailand, the school year begins mid-May which is usually a period of heavy rain. The first semester will end by early October, which precedes a three-week break for students.

By the end of October, students will return to school. February and March are the dates for final exams, just before the end of the school year. In general, private schools in Thailand follow a five-week holiday in July and August, and two weeks holiday for Christmas and Easter. For more up to date information, it is best to contact the school directly. Apart from these two major holidays, schools in Thailand are also closed during national holidays, and in some cases, during important religious holidays.

See the public holidays in Thailand here. To know more about the school year in Thailand, you can contact the Ministry of Education. Chinese New Year or Lunar New year is not an official national holiday in Thailand, since government offices and services remain open. Some private businesses may close during the day. This usually falls on the second week of February. This is the third lunar month known as Makha. This day honours Buddha and his teachings. Chakri Day Chakri Day is usually celebrated during April 6th every year.

It commemorates the reign of the Chakri dynasty in Thailand, from where the current royal family hails. It falls on April 13 every year, with celebrations lasting up to April Songkran means transformation or change.

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Labour Day Labor Day in Thailand is celebrated on May 1, along with other 80 countries across the world. This festival is held in many Asian countries. Chulalongkorn Day The holidays falls on October 3 every year and is a national holiday in Thailand. It marks the memorial day of the passing away of King Chulalongkorn, who led several reforms in Thailand.

Your email address will not be published. Thank you once again for doing your part to keep Edarabia the most trusted education source. Home Thailand School Holidays. Thailand School Holidays Download PDF. When are the school holidays in Thailand? Add a Comment Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.March Calendar in Microsoft Excel format. March Calendar with Holidays. Day for the Elimination of Racial Day for the Right to the Truth Day of Remembrance of the Victims Day of Solidarity with Detained Transgender Day of Visibility.

April Day of Zero Tolerance to Female Day of Women and Girls in Day for the Elimination of Day of Remembrance of the We 25 Int'l.

Transgender Day of Visibility Tu 31 Mar. Day of Sport for Devel.

Japan School Holidays (2020)

Day of Reflection on the Day of Multilateralism and Chernobyl Disaster Remembrance Print Friendly. Apr Zero Discrimination Day. World Wildlife Day.

Oreo Day. Cereal Day.

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Daylight Saving Begins Int'l. Women's Day. Purim Starts Nat'l. Napping Day.School holidays in Japan consist of public holidays with both national and cultural holidays such as New Year, National Foundation Day, and Christmas. The Japanese school year in Japan begins in April. The next term starts around July 20 and the final term begins in early January and ends in March.

Most Japanese people visit temples and shrines for hatsumode or the first prayer of the year. Coming-of-age Day This holiday is celebrated every second Monday of January. This day celebrates freshly minted adults. During this holiday, year old people dress up in traditional garments.

Thailand School Holidays (2020)

Showa Day Showa Day is the first holiday of the Japanese year. It runs from April to March and remembers the birthday of the Showa emperor. Constitution Memorial Day May 3,is the date the current Japanese constitution was proclaimed. Greenery Day This day is marked to celebrate nature and give thanks to it. Japanese people who worship the sun are also thankful for the bounty brought by the ocean.

Mountain Day Another holiday to celebrate nature, Mountain Day celebrates the bounty brought by mountains in Japan. Respect for the Aged Day Japan honors the elderly, especially during this day. They send flowers and cards to their family members during this day.

Culture Day Culture Day is a day when Tokyo museums have discounts on entrance fees. It is a holiday that remembers the post-war constitution announcement and also the birthday of Emperor Meiji. Labor Thanksgiving Day This day is when labor union marches for their rights in Japan and also synonymous with the harvest festival in Japan.

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school holidays march 2020

Thank you once again for doing your part to keep Edarabia the most trusted education source. Home Japan School Holidays. Japan School Holidays Download PDF. For more updated information, please visit individual school websites.

When are school holidays in Japan?March Calendar with Holidays - India. March Holidays - India: Central Gov.

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Day for the Elimination of Racial Day for the Right to the Truth Day of Remembrance of the Victims Day of Solidarity with Detained April Day of Zero Tolerance to Female Day of Women and Girls in Day for the Elimination of Day of Remembrance of the We 25 Int'l. Day of Sport for Development Mo 6 Int'l. Day of Reflection on the Day of Multilateralism and Chernobyl Disaster Remembrance Print Friendly.

Apr World Wildlife Day. Women's Day.

school holidays march 2020

World Kidney Day. World Sleep Day. Consumer Rights Day. St Patrick's Day. French Language Day Int'l. Day of Happiness World Sparrow Day. Day of Forests Int'l.Post a Comment. Mar 9, Of all the school holidays activities listing I have done over the past years, this year's March School Holidays activities for kids listing has got to be the shortest one Trolls World Tour.

Inspire: Celebrating the Joy of Numbers. Kid's Cruise - Pirates Ahoy! Spring Kids Festival.

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Evergreen Serenades at the Gardens. Symphony in the Gardens. Tour of Gallop Extension. Concerts for Children: Journey Around the World.

Total Defence Special Exhibition Arts in Your Neighbourhood. Sakura Matsuri — Tale of the Peach Boy. Busking Sentosa.

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Disney: Magic of Animation. Fall in love again with your favourite films and stories from Walt Disney Animation Studios! From Mickey Mouse to Anna and Elsa, uncover the magic behind almost a century of artistry and technological innovations that has brought to life our most beloved animated characters.

Disney: Magic of Animation at ArtScience Museum also debuts original artworks from the highly anticipated Frozen 2, which will be on display before the release of the animated film in Singapore.

Go behind-the-scenes at the Walt Disney Animation Studios and delve into a world of art and technology developed by the talented artists and production teams behind the films. School Holiday Sports Programmes - March Fly High. Poppy and Mo both dream of flying. When they meet each other in the park they soon become friends and decide to embark on a crazy ambition of building their very own flying machine. Physical theatre, comedy, original songs, and puppetry create a whirlwind tour through the basics of aerodynamics and friendship.

For tickets, visit HERE. I-Opener by Playeum. I-Opener features the aesthetic and sensory play-worlds co-created by individuals with various disabilities, and also without.

It invites kids aged 1 to 12 to explore their senses through play and the arts. But more than that, this exhibition DIFFERS from Playeum's previous exhibitions in that instead of just introducing the art of play to kids, it allows kids to step into the world of those with special needs and experience the way how they interact, play and sense the world around them.

Chatuchak Night Market Singapore. No comments :. Newer Post Older PostSingapore Festivals in and special Singapore celebrations are also listed below.

These are the dates when students attend school. Singapore school year is divided into two Semesters; further, each Semester has two School Terms. Please visit their official website for further information.

The above Singapore School Holidays and Terms dates are tentative. Singapore Ministry of Education is yet to announce the final dates for Singapore is a proud multi-ethnic country.

The main religious festivals are National holidays; but in addition to these Singaporeans also celebrate the below listed Singapore Festivals and special days. As per the Chinese Zodiac signs, is the year of the Rat, which is the first sign in the zodiac circle. Easter, on Sunday, celebrates the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead.

Vesak is an important festival not just for Buddhist in Singapore, but all over the world. Buddhism is the leading religion in Singapore. To celebrate this special day Muslims visit the Mosque in new clothes, they seek the blessing of their elders, visit friends and relatives, light lamps, give charity to the poor and have a feast.

Geylang Serai area of Singapore is colourfully lit up for Ramadan and Eid. On this day sheeps, goats and cows are sacrificed. Family that paid for the animal gets part of the meat, part is given to friends and relatives and the rest is distributed among the poor.

Typically Muslims visit the Mosque and then have a feast with their near and dear ones. Hari Raya Haji marks the end of Haj holy pilgramage to Mecca. Key highlight of celebration is the parade at Marina Bay, where the armed puts up an impressive display. The Prime Minister of Singapore address the nation and there is a wonderful fireworks display. This is the day the Lord Ram returned from his 14 year exile. As part of the celebrations, houses and places of work are cleaned and decorated.

Sweets are distributed to friends and relatives and new clothes are worn on this day. Christmas is a major festival in Singapore. Streets and Shops are colourfully decorated during Christmas. This festive atmosphere continues uptil New Year. The main shopping areas and malls of Singapore are a sight to behold. This festival is mainly celebrated by the Indian Tamil community. Chinese New Year celebrations go on for 15 days. Do visit River Hongbao for the colourful celebrations.

Government reiterates the need to be prepared to defend Singapore. A ceremony is held at Kranji War Memorial. Qingming Festival, also known as Ching Ming Festival, is a Chinese festival that honours dead ancestors. Respect for ancestors is shown by first cleaning their tomb and then praying to ancestors. Flowers, incense and food are placed at the tomb. Holy Saturday is the day between Good Friday and Easter. Churches in Singapore hold special Easter Vigil service.

Christians celebrate the resurrection or rebirth of Jesus Christ on Easter Sunday.The information below is relevant to Victoria state schools.

Independent and Catholic schools base their terms on the state school dates but their term dates can vary from school to school. You should check directly with the relevant school to find out the correct term date information. Note that the dates below represent official term dates and this is often the date that teachers attend the school, however many schools elect to start the students back on slightly different dates.

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For instance, it is common for the first day back at school to be a day later for students than what is shown in the table below. It is also common for students to finish term 4 in the days prior to the final Friday. The information above is relevant to Victoria government state schools.

Independent and Catholic schools do base their terms on the state school dates but their term dates can vary from school to school. Click here to download free printable calendars with school holiday and public holiday dates for all Australian states.

Queensland School Holidays includes Schoolies dates. South Australia School Holidays. New South Wales School Holidays. Western Australia School Holidays. Northern Territory School Holidays.

school holidays march 2020

Australian Capital Territory School Holidays. Tasmania School Holidays. Victoria Public Holidays. New South Wales Public Holidays. Public Holidays. Northern Territory Public Holidays. Queensland Public Holidays. Tasmania Public Holidays. South Australia Public Holidays. Western Australia Public Holidays.

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